Club management

Club management


Our president this year is Keith Bull  

Keith has been Director of Vocational and Education for a number of years and Rotary Club of Hout Bay has seen its Bursary Scheme expand enormously under
his guidance.

This has to be one of the most intensive and hard run avenues of service given the complexities of obtaining funding, finding mentors, selecting the right candidates and handling all sorts of issues to keep the students on track.
Keith has the right kind of energy and focus to make this a wonderful year for the club and, thankfully, past president, Joelle Searle, will assist Keith in his Rotary duties when he is out of South Africa.


Rotary Club of Hout Bay is in the enviable position of an experienced accounting person in charge of the books, Denise Hopkins, who has introduced us to digital bookeeping and high fiduciary standards.

A key factor is her ability to not only run the daily tasks of management accounting; the financial running of the club’s events and projects; the production of a monthly balance sheet and accounts but also, importantly, the responsibility for public funds and donations.


Past-president Joelle Searle, apart from having from serving the club so excellently in 2017/8 as director of membership, will thankfully continue in this role in the forthcoming year.   Her great committment to Rotary is expressed by her willingness to srtand in ceremonially as president and assume public duties for Keith Bull serves part of his presidential year in the UK as a “swallow”.


Alison Rice adds to the strength of continuity by serving yet again as Club Alison RiceSecretary, not an easy task and, similarily, we are lucky to retain the services of Denis Hopkins as Treasurer for another yeart  conrinues for another year.

The team that makes it happen 

Other board members with great experience in Rotary matters are Hans Kuhn (Youth),   Peter Dutton (Communications},   Colin Sutherland (Club Services) and   Alan Parkin (Community Services), plus of course and our charter member and advisor on all matters Rotary,   Don Peters.

Bursaries, Scholarships and Training

As we have pointed out above, Keith Bull as president, leads up as an energetic and highly competent  director in charge of bursaries and vocational training.    Rotary Club of Hout Bay is inordinately proud of the extensive programme which he and his team run with such great the name of Rotary Club of Hout Bay for the local community.

It is often said that our club is too insular.  You only have to travel this beautiful valley, outside Cape Town, to realize why Rotary Club of Hout Bay focuses on its own community and not the broader public.    Hout Bay is a mixture of rich, middle class and, sadly, the largest section by far, the very poor.

As part of the Rotary creed, we are determined to bridge that gap in the field of education and job creation.