Rotary Club of Hout Bay celebrates…….

Welcome President Joelle…

It was indeed a beautiful setting for a great moment.  It was the inauguration evening for Rotary Club of Hout Bay’s incoming President, Joelle Searle, held at the New Manor Hotel, Hout Bay. Pictures are posted to our Gallery on this website.    A classy evening for a classy club in a year marked by many momentous occasions.

New blood

President Joelle also announced her new team to lead Rotary Club of Hout Bay into 2018.   This includes Alison Rice, who remains our dedicated Secretary; Denise Hopkins who has assumed digitally and so successfully the role of Treasurer; Butch Liebenberg who will be there for Community Services and President-elect Keith Bull to continue on Bursaries/ Vocational Services.

Also confirmed were Harriet Purser in the all-important role of Club Services;  Don Peters for Rotary Foundation and Peter Dutton on Communications.   In addition, International Relations is to be represented by Colin Sutherland, appropriately in France currently, and Immediate Past President, Hans Kuhn who will continue with the all-important portfolio of Youth Services.      Peter Dutton is not in the picture as Communications director since he, correctly, was taking the picture.

Special Mentions

Made annual Honorary Rotarians for outstanding assistance to Rotary Hout Bay were donors Kevin and Pat Whelan who not only provide several bursaries and assist in youth development but contribute the wonderful support system of family mentorship.   What a pair of wonderful people committed to the assistance of education for the under-privileged.

Immediate Past President Peter Dutton was acknowledged for his sterling contributions in producing the house magazine, Bay Breezes (and long may he continue at that task), and special acknowledgement was also paid to his wife Bernadette for her tireless work distributing to the needy with clothes, toys, books and household items and, more recently, assistance to the fire victims of Imizamo Yethu.

790 directory special

Now also annual Honorary Rotarians are Adele Hayden and Elise De Beer who run and manage the Rotary publication, the “790 Directory”, distributed on a quarterly basis in every corner of Hout Bay, and for their valuable and important contribution made to club projects from advertising revenue.

Hout Bay stalwart, Joanne Chemaly, was similarly awarded the high honour of an annual honorarian of Rotary for her work at Thula Thula, as was Paul Harris awardee and long-standing supporter of the club, Liz Huckle, the award in this case being in respect of her tireless nursing and medical support work amongst the sick and needy in Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu.

This all made a stunning photo, Liz being unfortunately absent on important work for the community.

Hello, goodbye

The evening also marked the handing over of the presidential chain by outgoing President Hans Kuhn whose successful year has been marked with good membership development; a strong accent on youth; a dedicated move towards the educational needs of Hout Bay and an emphasis on our worldwide culture and international connections.

Hans has worked tirelessly during the year to strengthen the club’s finances and his quiet manner and focused approach on Rotarian principles, supported by his wife Christina as always, have been the hallmark of a most successful year.  

Hans says he will now enjoy “a backseat after a hard year” but Rotary doesn’t do it that way.  Bad luck, Hans.

As Immediate Past President, he remains on the board as director, Youth Services, and his advice and thoughtful approach to issues will be needed by all.  As our thirtieth President, Hans made an invaluable contribution to the future in his year and his forward-looking approach was just what the club needed to map out direction and strategy in this area when most needed.

All the frills

John Routley was our masterful Master of Ceremonies accompanied by Robin and present was our delightful Assistant Governor, Jacquie James, who has now completed her second year with our grouping of Rotary Clubs.   Butch Liebenberg, whose fund-raising efforts for community services this year have been quite outstanding, supplied us with our “Rotary Moment” – a slice of life that stops one in one’s tracks as one realizes the values and rewards of being a Rotarian.

The club was also honoured to have amongst its guest, Past District Governor Rodney Mazinter, whose contributions to the club over the years and encouragement on so many issues has been so appreciated.   He gave an excellent “Toast to South Africa”.

The future

The club was extremely proud to welcome all its Hout Bay Rotaracters, the “gang” including Amy Braaf, Lungile Nohuza, Piwai Mapani, Yamkela Nomnganga, Deborah Mkhaphuza and Phumelela Tomtala.

A toast to our sister twin club, Rotary Club of Coolamon in  Australia, concluded a wonderful evening.