Eyethu Skate Park, Hout Bay

A Rotary project for the youth of Hout Bay
Eyethu Skate Park

When will the skatepark be completed?

Rotary Club Hout Bay aims to complete the project by mid 2017 provided we have raised 50% of the funds. The project should take 1.3 million Rands. When 50 %of the sum of 1.3 Million is raised, we will start building.

Motivation for the Park for All

Rotary Hout Bay  is behind the new Eyethu Skate Park that will be developed in Hout Bay. The skatepark would be immensely popular with skateboarders throughout the area and no only in the Hout Bay community. The aim would be to take kids off the streets with their boards and to bring together kids and parents from the diverse communities in Hout Bay. Rotary Hout Bay believes that the skateboard park will bring together the diverse communities of Hout Bay and nearby regions.

Skate Park Plans

Bank Account Details For Donations to Eyethu Skate Park

FNB Bank
Rotary Club of Hout Bay
Branch 205009
Account Number 625 694 25020

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