Club Services and Visitors

Club Services the Driving Force…

Any Rotary Club depends on an efficient and well run functions and a good management system to handle weekly meetings, functions, catering and co-ordination with the speaker programme.

Rotary Club of Hout Bay
has always celebrated its reputation for warmth and a friendly atmosphere and, over the years, club services avenue of service has built up this fine reputation for hospitality. Rotarian visitors from others Rotary clubs both international and domestic should use the Rotary  “Where Clubs Meet” handbook for contact details to notify beforehand if possible of their attendance A pleasant simple, one course meal is available currently at a reasonable cost, which we ask visiting Rotarians to pay as well as club members.

Rotary asks that members contact us they are unable to attend meetings otherwise at the board’s discretion they may be charged for the meal for having remained “silent”   and causing the club to reach into its own funds.

Refreshments are available in the Atlantic Boat Club (ABC Club) main lounge, a floor below the club meeting room, where Rotarians foregather 6.30pm for 7.00pm start, Tuesdays.     Drinks are available at the bar at reasonable ABC club prices, for which we thank our hosts.

All visitors, whether they be Rotarians or not, are always most welcome.